Startup CEO Program, Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU)


The Startup CEO program aims to commercialize new products, open up marketing channels, and provide enterprise resources. Based on startup teams’ needs, we provide assistance in different stages of startup team development. Also, we provide all-purpose cultivation for the teams by incorporating the business concept of “enhancing abilities, connecting industries, integrating resources, and facilitating innovation”, and we encourage more startups to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.


Startup teams shall meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  1. Having innovative technology, services, and business model in the fields of smart technology, social practice, innovative industries, reality technology;
  2. Willing to apply for “U-start Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship” or any other entrepreneurship plan;
  3. Willing to establish a company and intending to commercialize products, verify business models, develop markets, and raise funds.
  • Notes:
  1. There should be at least two individuals teaming up a group, and one of the members should be a CYCU student or an alumnus (in Taoyuan) that graduates from CYCU within five years.
  2. Teams have not yet established any company.

Schedule for Submitting An Application

  1. Each team should submit their application by March 22nd.
  2. Each application will be under review in March and October




As of now to 3/22

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To be under review


Announcing shortlist

Mentoring Time

  1. Each batch of the teams can be mentored for four months. The mentoring course this year starts from April to July.
  2. Teams may be mentored by appointment under special circumstances.



Teams have the following rights:

  1. To tap “Startup CEO Program” resources free of charge;
  2. To be mentored by professionals free of charge;
  3. To verify business models, raise funds and apply for “From Ip to IPO Program” and other relevant governmental programs;
  4. To connect entrepreneurial resources;
  5. To apply for university spinoffs and to be stationed in a business incubator of the Industry Accelerator and Incubation Center (There is a 50 percent discount on administrative subsidy and maintenance fees for the first two years.).


  • Incubation Center helps raise funds, incubate startups, apply for government loans, and it also helps direct funds from the Holistic Chung Yuan Incubation Investment Ltd and venture capital funds.



Teams shall comply with the following obligations:

  1. To complete a business plan and a briefing;
  2. To be mentored and to update on projects on the monthly basis;
  3. To Join a mentoring program, attend workshops, advertise, and share your startup experience with others;
  4. To follow the rule of “Hope” when using the space;
  5. To provide relevant documents (including entrepreneurship aptitude test) for analysis. Such documents are only used for mentoring.



  1. The organizer may revise or supplement any matters not mentioned herein.
  2. Foreign teams should submit a business plan and an affidavit letter.


Contact Information

Coordinator Mrs. Chen Yi-tzu

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, CYCU

Tel: 03-2651813

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