2019 Chung Yuan Christian University  “You May Change the Future” Starting Up Competition Pamphlet

2019 Chung Yuan Christian University “You May Change the Future” Starting Up Competition Pamphlet



“You May Change the Future” launches a brand new competition rules! It integrates entrepreneurship courses, “Startup World” innovative and creative practical competitions, entrepreneurial mentors, international resources and venture capital into a complete competition process. Your team can learn the necessary skills of entrepreneurship in the course, put your ideas in to practice and make your own innovative product. Under the coach accompany and resources supporting, we help you to make your entrepreneurship dream come true!

【Competition Categories】

  1. Intelligence Technology Group:Information technology, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, software development, and smart machinery.
  1. Social Practice Group:Social enterprises, local care, community development, sustainable environment, cultural preservation, rural regeneration, and other social practice issues.
  1. Industry Innovation Group: Talent cultivation, creative marketing, cultural creativity, food safety, long-term care, health care, recycling economy, and other industrial innovation issues.
  1. Reality Technology Group: Reality technology industries such as AR, VR, MR, SR, etc.

Topic that contains aboriginal cultural elements are preferred.

  • Organizer reserves the right to adjust each team’s competition categories.

【Identify of Participants

  1. A team is capable of making their own product and they have not yet registered a company.
  2. Each group, at least 2 people, registers for one of categories, welcome to cross-school team.
  3. At least one of the team member is university or college student in Taiwan.
  4. Team members are welcome to invite industry participants to participate, to increase the feasibility of the business plan.
  5. The team cannot copy other people’s works. If the verification is true, the organizer has the right to cancel the qualification and recover the bonus


Semi-finals10 promotion teams of each group will get NTD5,000, a certificate of merit

First place of each groups will get NTD 100,000, a certificate of merit

Second place of each groups will get NTD 50,000, a certificate of merit

Third place of each groups will get NTD 20,000, a certificate of merit

Honorable mention of each groups will get NTD 5,000, a certificate of merit

【Contact Person】

Nina Lin (Miss), Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Tel: 03-2651812

Line ID for consultation: @pgu3467i

Official Website: https://s.yam.com/TSwzW

Registration link for competition orientation: https://s.yam.com/MwZUh

Registration link for competition: https://reurl.cc/Q8RK0

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